Welcome to Pablo Rojas VC


Thanks for visiting my website.
I am a graphic designer based in Sarasota, Florida. My focus is the application of visual communications to everyday life, specializing in brand development, layout design for print, and web design. I work as a contractor
or freelance graphic designer for various media companies, startup businesses and well-established companies.

My main goal as a designer is to deliver simple, effective and conscious visual solutions to my clients’ needs
giving them a solid base to project their product or service to the highest possible level so they may stand out and consolidate as a strong company in a competitive market. I understand the importance of balancing the client’s needs and vision with practical and cost-efficient design formats; therefore, I strive to develop solutions that are inviting and interesting but also mirror the client’s core values and mission.

As courting the right clients works best when you can communicate to them across a broad media spectrum,
I am proud to be part of a very talented collective of professionals who provide from high quality printing to web development, audio and video production. If you need a specific project accomplished, I can refer you to the right professional to help you achieve the success you seek.

For more information please download my resume below, or visit my social network sites to check out
more of my work.